Thursday, August 15, 2013

Chocolate-y World of Fun

Chocolates in the morning, chocolates in the afternoon, chocolates in the night – any time is actually a good time for chocolates. Have you ever wondered what happens in a chocolate factory? Have you ever wished that you could peep into the chocolate factory and find out what they do with the chocolates that you are consuming? If yes, then why not charter a PA bus and head on over to the Hershey’s Chocolate World at 251 Park Boulevard, Hershey, PA for a day’s out total fun learning on how chocolates are made and we bet this would be the “sweetest” trip ever for you and your family!

From the moment that you and your family get down from the chartered PA bus, you almost can already smell the whiff of chocolates coming at your faces. Ok, so we exaggerated a bit right there, but as you walk through the lush park of the Hersheypark Place, your kids would probably already be squealing with delight knowing where they would be headed soon. This could be just the sweetest place to be and the happiest day of their lives so far!

For those who love chocolates, especially the ones made by Hershey, coming to the Hershey’s Chocolate World in the chartered PA bus would be the best trip ever. When you are on the grounds of Hershey’s Chocolate World, it would almost seem that you have just walked into chocolate heaven. Imagine – when you are here, every kind and piece of chocolate that has the Hershey trademark is found here; and you will even be able to find some of the other unique ones that are only found in this place and nowhere else! They are also very organized in their sections of chocolates – so if you have a particular preference of their brand, you can look for it and then the whole range of it is right there. Now, if this is not chocolate heaven for you, we do not know where else to tell you to find one!

The tour of the chocolate factory is full of sweetness fun – you get to begin the tour with a fun ride that will tell you all about the process of chocolate making, then you will given chocolates to taste and listen to them talk about the differences of the chocolates and last but not least, you also get the opportunity to try making your own chocolates and yes, you even receive a certificate at the end of the tour! So, if you are truly a Hershey fan, we suggest that you fill your bags with the chocolate goodies before you leave home in the PA chartered bus.