Friday, December 28, 2012

The Battle of Gettysburg

If you are visiting Pennsylvania, whether during summer or winter, pay a visit to the Gettysburg National Military Park, which is best reached by a charter bus hired from Charter Bus Pennsylvania. Gettysburg was the the scene on of one of the most important battles fought during the American Civil War.
Gettysburg is located in Pennsylvania Dutch Country. This landscape of rolling meadows and rocky hills witnessed the largest, and one of the bloodiest, land battles fought during the Civil War. During the period of July 1 - 3, 1863, Union and Confederate troops came together by accident south of the town of Gettysburg. Skirmishes on the first erupted into an assault by Confederate Forces which sent Union troops feeling to regroup in the hills south of Gettysburg.
One the second day, Union troops had regrouped, and in spite of assaults by General Lee’s men. Union lines held. On July the 3rd, 12,500 Confederate soldiers launched an all out attack on the center on the Union line on Cemetery Ridge. Today known as Pickett’s Charge, this attack was repulsed by Union troops, resulting in General Lee having to withdraw his defeated forces back through Virginia. In November of 1863, President Lincoln used the dedication of the Gettysburg National Cemetery to honor the fallen and deliver his famous Gettysburg Address.
One of the best ways to see Gettysburg National Military Park is with a charter bus. Arriving at the Visitor Center, you can engage the services of a licensed guide, who will take you and your group on a tour of the battlefield’s key areas on your Charter Bus Pennsylvania charter bus. Listen to the history of the battle, learn anecdotes about some the the key figures who shaped the course of the Battle of Gettysburg, and by extension, shaped the future of American history.
Other ways of seeing the battlefield are by walking, cycling, or Segway. For an authentic feel of what it might have been like to be a Civil War combatant, tour the battlefield on horseback. Horses are available for hire from Artillery Ridge Campground and Hickory Hollow Horse Farm.
Take your charter bus and tour the many museums and period correct houses and architecture in Gettysburg and the nearby town of Fairfield. Fairfield has been preserved much as it was during the period of the battle, and you will not find a traffic light or any other modern convenience in this town.
For a realistic depiction of the Battle of Gettysburg, visit the American Civil War Museum. Inside, you will find several realistic dioramas of the battle, as well as a life size recreation of the battle itself. The American Civil War Museum is a good place about the history of the American Civil War, including about the causes leading up to the war, and the numerous figures who played pivotal roles in it.
For your transportation needs when visiting the Gettysburg National Military Park and other destinations in Pennsylvania, give Charter Bus Pennsylvania a call for their friendly, personalized service.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

A charter bus Pennsylvania style

There are numerous reasons to book a charter bus, Pennsylvania is just one of many destinations you can choose. With a professional courtesy driver to take your group just where you need to go, you can leave all of your worries behind and look forward to the trip instead of dreading the drive. Whether it is your church group, school group, or even a family reunion trip, this is the best way to travel.
After all, you want to remember all of the sights and attractions without having to deal with any of the hassles. One of the most economical ways to do this is to enlist the help of a charter bus. Pennsylvania is filled with plenty of places to stop and enjoy the sights and having a reliable transportation company is a must.
There are a number of fun things to do in Pennsylvania, many of which center on Pennsylvania sightseeing and outdoor activities. This is by far one of the most famous and popular things to do in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania sightseeing to the Liberty Bell, the bell which rang out when the Declaration of Independence was first read to a public audience can be viewed in Pennsylvania completely free of charge and is a major destination. A great place to visit is t he Pocono Mountains which are a mountain region in northern Pennsylvania which cover an area of over 2,000 square miles. This area is a very popular skiing area.
Pennsylvania is home to many premier amusement parks such as Dorney Park, Kennywood Park, and Knoebels Park, among others. One park, Dutch Wonderland, combines the best in amusement rides with a scenic location in the heart of Pennsylvania Amish Country. With its focus on family activity, Dutch Wonderland makes a great thing to do on a Pennsylvania vacation. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is a practice utilized throughout the world to memorialize soldiers who have died in modern wars without being identified. In Pennsylvania it was erected in 1866 to honor those soldiers who died during the American Civil War. There are many more destinations that you will not only enjoy but learn from on your charter bus Pennsylvania tour.
Booking your trip with us is easy, just let our professional customer service representatives know when you want to book your charter bus Pennsylvania trip, how many people you'd like to take along for the ride and where you'd like to go. Choosing a charter bus Pennsylvania can make all this possible and more. So if you need to get a group of people to Pennsylvania or anywhere in the country, choose to travel with a charter bus and you will be glad you did.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cherry-Crest Farm Is Great For Family Fun

Winter may be creeping up on us this year but this does not mean that it is time to stay holed up at home with the kids and play computer games! In Pennsylvania, the locals like to take on the cooler temperature outside and head out to farms like the Cherry-Crest Adventure Farm.
To say that the kids are going to have a swell time is going to be an understatement when it comes to a mini bus outing in Cherry-Crest. They have a maze, a petting zoo, an obstacle course, a playground, shop, cafe, and a bouncy 'pillow' for the kids to hop on and have loads of fun! There is a trail there that you can take on together with the little ones, it is fun and healthy at the same time.
Younger kids like toddlers might not be able to navigate the maze well enough on their own so an adult should be there to keep an eye on them. In any case, there is also another smaller and less complicated maze at hay bales to keep the younger ones entertained while the older ones tackle the maze. For the older kids, just one advice...RUN! And keep on running till you are out of there! Parents, don't be scared that the kids are not going to find their way out. The staff there will let the kids know where the emergency exit is. In some cases, kids might panic and start crying when they can't find their way out so, the parents will station themselves at the mouth of the emergency exit.
The older kids, like teenagers, will not feel left out at all because the staff can create games, put out clues and have a fun catch game in there as well. After all is done, it is time to bring the kids over to the cafe for some snacks, food and yes, some much-needed hydration.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Gettysburg – The Historical Side of Pennsylvania

When we talk about Pennsylvania, many will automatically think of Philadelphia and Pittsburg but did you know that there is an intricate part about Gettysburg that needs to be explored too. Abraham Lincoln's famous American Civil War speech and famous saying will forever be associated with Gettysburg.
What is unique about Gettysburg is that although other cities all around the country are trying to move forward and change things, buildings, people, and also innovate with technology, there is a very 'old' side to the city. They are into preservation of what was previously America...before the hoopla and the modernization of everything. That is why culture is a very important thing and they have gone ahead to restore civil war architecture, land and sites like the Jenny Wade and Shcriver House. Many of our charter bus Pennsylvania customers love historical sites like the Gettysburg National Military Park where the historical battle happened. Yes, some may think of it as a sombre experience but let's think of it as exploring the history behind how the country became what it is today. That plays a very important role in how we deal with what we have today and also what to strive for the in future.
Our customers would take our charter bus, coach bus, sleeper bus or relax in the party bus that they have rented from Charter Bus Pennsylvania to hop onto the Lincoln Trail Museum and then ride the exact route that took Abraham Lincoln from Gettysburg to Washington DC in 1863. The kids, in the meantime, if they do not enjoy the train ride and the view, can have a first hand exploration of the thousands of model trains being exhibited and displayed.
Being such a historical place, our charter bus rental customers from Pennsylvania will also get to see more than twenty thousands hand-painted soldiers, horses, and military weapons and buildings at Gettysburg's Diorama. It is a truly eye-opening experience, to be completely honest.
In the meantime, if you are looking for reliable charter bus, sleeper bus, mini bus, school bus or any other types of large bus or vehicle for your trip here in Pennsylvania, be sure to look up Charter Bus Pennsylvania for a quote. We promise nothing short of exemplary service.