Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Quaint Towns & Villages to Visit in Lancaster County

Sometimes, it is good to take a break from the hectic life of metropolitan area. If you love knick knacks and quaint villages, there are a few you can visit in Pennsylvania. You can enjoy charming streets lined with art galleries, antique shops, cozy cafes and local farmer’s market or you can enjoy the countryside to view its rustic scenery or take part in local community events. Instead of just staying in one town, you can always rent a charter bus to hop from one village to another, fuss-free.
If you love antiques, you have to visit Adamstown. Affectionately known as Antiques Capital, you can find antiques here all year round. Located just off Exit 286 of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, Adamstown is filled with thousands of antique shops and dealers, more than enough to satisfy your appetite for all things vintage. These shops carry anything from little historical postcards, to bigger things such as furniture and other quirky collectables from the past. There are also many local restaurants here to whet your appetite should you need a break from shopping. Or you could head over to Stoudt’s Brewery that produces local brews, or take part on one of the many beer festivals they have to offer.
Have you been to an Amish countryside? If not, you should head on to Intercourse, located at the junction of Routes 340 and 772 where locals, Amish farmers and craftsmen used to do business and socialize at in the past. Previously known as the Cross Keys, Intercourse is up to now still a place where locals, tourists and Amish farmers meet. By heading here, you can relive and understand how the Pennsylvania Dutch lived and learn about their culture. There are many homemade goods for sale here and you really should not miss their events, especially if you love food. A few of their popular festivals held are like the Rhubarb Festival, Berry Jam Festival 7 Sweets and Sours Festival and Holly Days.
For a spot of history and culture, you should visit Ephrata, a northeastern town where it is rich in religious history. Many of the Pennsylvania Dutch and Amish traditions are still practiced here and this place is also the home of America’s first communal religious society called the Ephrata Cloister. Here, you can also find the renowned spring water, which is now where the Mountain Springs Hampton Inn and Suites stand. In addition to history, you will enjoy a decent mix of both local shops and boutiques, local food, the largest farmer market in the country and a homey stay at its quaint lodgings. Don’t forget to also take a drive through the Northern Amish Countryside Trail from here.